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Quality Management System

FCG consulting services help develop and elevate your quality management programs, meet the quality requirements of your customer and work out any quality challenges your product or organization may have. Whether you would like to improve your current program or start from the beginning, Focus Consultants will help you with the following: initial program evaluation, program improvement and implementation, employee and team training, continuous program maintenance, program validation and audit readiness evaluation, as well as on site support during certification.

The safety and quality of your raw materials is directly related to the safety and quality of your final product. Focus Consultants makes sure you keep your suppliers performing to the highest standards through the establishment of a supplier control or certification program.

FCG team uses a large array of tools and systems to help analyze your internal strengths and opportunities in your market. We will help you determine the needs of your customer and turn those into clear production and service deliverables. Focus Consultants will help you with company assessment, establishing goals, employee and manager training and continuous coaching and mentoring.

If you are looking to save money, increase profit, attract more business and have greater customer satisfaction, Focus Consultants Quality Management System approach is right for you. You will be more competitive in the marketplace, your customer satisfaction will increase, a higher level of efficiency will save you time, money and resources and you will broaden your business opportunities.

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