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Integrated Management System

Is your company looking to implement several different management systems, such as an environmental management system and a quality management system? Focus Consultant’s Integrated Management System is the most well-organized and economical choice for doing this. We can help you with your quality standards and integrate them, adding value to the product or service you are offering. An integrated management system will allow your organization to be managed more effectively and will help you comply with the necessary contractual, regulatory and statutory requirements. Our integrated management system takes advantage of the fact that there are many common elements shared between the main standards, so unnecessary duplication will be avoided, leading to savings in resources, cost and time.

Integrated management systems are right for your organization if you wish to have auditable and consistent arrangements for environment, quality, health and safety, as well as companies that are subject to increasing surveillance by regulatory authorities. Focus Consultant’s integrated management system result in the following benefits: improved business focus, less conflict between systems, reduced duplication, more efficient and effective audits, less money and time spent on the systems assessment, ongoing audits and maintenance.

Focus Consultants is a company that specializes in developing management systems across a broad range of sectors. We will make the transition to implementation straightforward and cost effective so you can focus on the most important things like running your business. Our integrated management system will help you retain your customers, gain new customers and provide new opportunities for sales giving you the upper hand over your competitor. Your organization will become a unified whole with each function aligned behind one common goal: improving the performance of the entire organization. Focus Consultants will provide you with continuous support in maintaining and developing your integrated management system.

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