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Food Safety Management System

While a large part of our food supply is safe, many recent cases worldwide emphasize the potential danger of food-related illness to customers, employees and brand value. Food service companies, manufacturers, retailers and distributors are now worried more than ever before about the safety of their food supply.

Organizations in the food sector will need to display good corporate responsibility and meet legal standards if they would like to remain competitive, enhance their brand and protect their reputation. Focus Consultants’ food safety management system will make sure your company achieve these goals.

Moreover, your food safety management will be optimized by certification and assessment by a third party.

Focus Consultants supplies training, certification and auditing services to the food sector. Food safety certification to a proven GFSI standard will demonstrate to customers that are you committed to managing food safety.

There are many different food safety standards and finding the one that will meet your needs is not always a simple task. We can help you decide which standards would be the most relevant for your organization. For many companies in the supply chain certification is necessary to maintain supplier status.

Focus Consultants offers consulting services in some of the following areas of food safety: allergen control, food safety compliance for equipment, pathogen control, food plant design consultation, food safety modernization act and more. Please call us today to meet your customer food requirements.

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