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Complete annual report if required, due June 1 of each year.

Reporting to the NPRI is mandatory under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA 1999). The NPRI is not a survey or voluntary program. Owners or operators of facilities that meet the NPRI reporting requirements published in the Canada Gazette, Part I are required to report to the NPRI. Failure to comply with any provision of CEPA 1999 is an offence under the Act. If reporting is required, the deadline to submit an NPRI report is June 1st each year.
If one or more NPRI substances was manufactured, processed or otherwise used at the facility during the year, and the total number of hours worked at the facility exceeded the 20 000 hour employee threshold (approximately 10 full-time employees), a facility will need to determine the total amount of each NPRI substance at a facility during that calendar year.

However, the facility must determine if a report is required regardless of the number of employees if any of the following activities take place at a facility: waste or sewage sludge incineration, wood preservation, fuel terminal operations, municipal wastewater collection and/or treatment, or pit or quarry operations. Also, any facilities operating stationary combustion equipment must report for criteria air contaminants, regardless of employee hours, if the release thresholds are met.

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